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What is an EODC Community?
Collaborative activities as carried out within the EODC Cooperation Network are organised in so-called Communities that bring together EODC Cooperation Partners who have mutually agreed to engage in a collaborative activity.

A Community is coordinated by a Community Leader, who is staff of a Principal Cooperation Partner of the EODC. Each Community Leader is supported by a Community Facilitator, who is staff of the EODC. Community Leaders and Facilitators together drive the definition of the Communities‘ goals and roadmap, as well as foster collaboration.

Community building service
To facilitate efficient and effective communication and cooperation, we offer:

  • Dedicated access to high performance processing facilities via web-based client applications or Virtual Machines.
  • A web-based communication platform to share information and enable development processes within different Communities. It also serves to build up and maintain the corporate and organisational culture of the EODC Cooperation Network.
  • code repository for source code management, software versioning and revision control system.
  • An Enterprise-grade Wiki, allowing all members of the EODC Cooperation Network to share knowledge and content relevant to the EODC mission.
  • A professional web-conference and screen sharing system.

Additionally, subscribed users may invite Developers to participate in the collaborate activities.

These services can be contracted in two options: EODC Connect and EODC Connect Plus, differing in range and capacity of the provided resources.

Although EODC-Connect and Connect Plus are tailored to our Cooperation Partners (either Principal or Associate), we do make every effort to realise an open and dynamic business structure. Therefore, being a Cooperation Partner is not a necessary requirement for using our services!

EODC Communities

Infrastructure & Platform

This community is all about collection and definition of the infrastructure and platform requirements as a basis for EODC’s operations. Roadmaps for acquisition and implementation of necessary hard- and software are being discussed and laid out as decision criteria for the executive board.

Sentinel – 1

The Sentinel – 1 community deals with all aspects of the Sentinel – 1 mission, ranging from understanding sensor properties and operation, analysis and information retrieval models, to applications based thereon.

Sentinel – 2

Similar to the Sentinel – 1 community, the Sentinel – 2 community handles all S-2 related activities within the EODC. Important aspects covered are long-term storage and processing of ESA core data on EODC compute facilities, as well as creation of added-value products, access and delivery systems.

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