boku_logoEODC partner and service provider BOKU maintains a Sentinel-2 metadata catalogue for EODC archive exploration. It allows queries for product, granules and image information.

Additionally, users can submit subscriptions for on-demand processing of Bottom-Of-Atmosphere, atmospherically corrected, Sentinel-2 data (globally). The data processing chain exploits the ESA Sen2Cor algorithm (currently version 2.2.1). Additional layers produced by this algorithm are available for download such as Aerosol Optical Thickness, Water Vapor, Scene Classification Maps and Quality Indicators. Products are available in JPEG 2000 format, at three different spatial resolutions (60, 20 and 10 m).

Based on these data and on userĀ“s requests, BOKU can implement various algorithms and provides access to value-added information such as RGB color composites, Leaf Area Index, Albedo, etc. More products related to land and vegetation will be available in the future.

Data access is possible via dedicated APIs. A set of functions are already available and documented at the service webpage. A dedicated R package to allow easy access to and process of S-2 data is available at A scientific paper describing the method, products and examples is freely available at

For more information on the service please contact us!