ccism2The objective of the Soil Moisture CCI is to produce the most complete and most consistent global soil moisture data record based on active and passive microwave sensors. Phase 1, as demonstrated by the two releases of the 35 year Soil Moisture (SM) Climate Data Record (CDR), saw the project reach its objective and produce and validate, within an R&D context, the most complete and consistent possible time series of multi-sensor global satellite data products for climate research and modelling.

Phase 2 (2015-17) now aims to achieve its goal of the “Graceful evolution of the system from its prototype in Phase I to a sustainable version”, and in working towards this goal will provide an operational framework for the production of the Soil Moisture CDR. he SM ECV production chain, classified as being at an early operational stage in 2014 (Bates Maturity Index 3), will be integrated into the Earth Observation Data Centre for Water Resource Monitoring (EODC) infrastructure, with the EODC taking over its management and operation.

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