The EODC provides a cloud solution for the Sen2-Agri system allowing
for national scale automated agricultural monitoring. It is available on pre-configured virtual machines in the EODC cloud infrastructure, with direct access to the EODC data archive.

We provide the data and processing resources that are required by Sen2-Agri – you don’t have to set up your own processing environment, and you don’t have to deal with downloading huge amounts of data!

Sen2Agri Web Interface

What is Sen2-Agri?

Sen2-Agri is a fully fletched system that generates products for agricultural monitoring based on Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8 datasets. These products include:

  • Cloud-free Reflectance Composites
  • Dynamic Cropland Masks
  • Crop Type Maps
  • Vegetation Status Indicators (NDVI, LAI, Phenology Indices)

Sen2-Agri can be accessed and managed through its built-in web interface from any web browser!

The system has been developed by the Sen2Agri consortium. It was developed through the Sentinel-2 for Agriculture project, which has been funded by the European Space Agency in the frame of the DUE program.

Please find more information at the Sen2-Agri website:

Get Sen2-Agri on EODC

We provide Sen2-Agri installed on a pre-configured Virtual Machine.
If you are interested in using Sen2-Agri in the EODC cloud environment, or if you want to know more…
Contact us!