Browse the EODC data catalogue, get a preview of our products, and visualise them …in QGIS!

Browse the EODC data catalogue

eomQS (Earth Observation Metadata QGIS Search) extends the QGIS MetaSearch Plugin with special features for the EODC data catalogue. It allows temporal, spatial and keyword based queries with a simple and user-friendly interface. Moreover, all Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 products can be loaded directly into the map canvas for further analysis and processing.


  • Search eodc data archive for: keywords (e.g.: satellite), date, bounding box
  • Get a quick preview of the image
  • Select any image’s band and load it with one mouse click directly into QGIS map canvas
  • Generate and visualise Sentinel-2 RGB images on the fly

Load data into QGIS


  • EODC account
  • A virtual machine (with remote desktop set up) on the EODC infrastructure
  • Access to EODC GitLab

Get eomQS

Self installation

Preconfigured VM

We also provide preconfigured virtual machines, where everything is already set up (eomQS and QGIS installed, Remote Desktop), and you can start using eomQS right away!

If you are interested, please Contact us!

Please note that eomQS only works within the EODC cloud environment and is thus only provided to users of the EODC.