The EODC Cooperation Network consists of an open number of Cooperation Partners and Developers. The following three partnership levels are defined:

may be private or public organisations and are strongly committed to the EODC mission. They contribute to the collaborative development process and delegate one representative to the EODC Advisory Board, which advises the EODC and its Communities in respect to scientific, technical and strategic questions. Through their representation in the Advisory Board they have a voice in driving the overall strategies and roadmap of the EODC Cooperation Network.

Learn more about our current Principal Cooperation Partners here.  

actively support the overall EODC mission. Private or public institutions may become Associate Cooperation Partners when they contribute to the collaborative development process of one or several Communities.

Learn more about our current Associate Cooperation Partners here.

are individuals, such as Master or PhD students in EO sciences or software engineering, taking part in EODC’s collaborative software development process. Each Developer is an active member of an EODC Community. A Developer obtains free licenses for EODC software developed within the respective Community. They receive an official certificate attesting their status as an EODC Developer and has the right to use the EODC Logo on presentations.

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The EODC Cooperation Network